Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Know feng shui office overcome the problem.

On a horoscope or Fans: Who would not like Horoscope for yourself each other a lot then. Now let's look on the moon, some like? Office. Way in. It is not difficult. I try to explore how their colleagues what some dignity. Because the atmosphere of the work was influenced by the personal dignity of work ago.

Know feng shui office overcome the problem.

From this, we will sign the 12 can be divided into four main elements is the earth element, Water, wind and fire a guide for you to try to see Siva, most colleagues in which elements. That is a relic of the office anyway. This will help to predict the strengths and the opportunities great. Weaknesses and who will be a problem. Has captured this point ensures that work in. Casual surely miserable.

Room in the house .. well .. put where?

Room in the house. Most interpretations include a reading room. Exam room. The room these. All want peace and quiet. The position will be selected room. Need to consider this issue specifically. Find a quiet corner of the house and not crowded. If the floor is placed. Quite a bit hard to find. Because the room will cause pollution to affect the peace they are available. Whether it is a room entertainment field to blaring from the TV.And audio kitchen cooking smelly noise. Who has more houses with small children.Children ran around the sound blaring loudly some Would destroy the very hearing quiteIf it is a big house with more space. May choose to place the room in a quiet corner.Most of the side of a central home And not on the main path of the house. To the people who work in the room to concentrate most 

Home near the Shrine Temple Cemetery will be unfortunate

"Home is near the temple shrine will cemetery luckless.This is one of the provisions of Feng Shui. Why say these things. Textbook explains Shrine Temple Cemetery is full of energy Im (Yin) is the power of the spirit. Its power still dead. A lucky break.

Last week, someone invited me to see the house. Is home to buy later. Home owners worry that Feng Shui is bad. Because it is near the temple. Called the house looking out the front of the house is measured. The cremation crematorium chimney. If the same textbook, it must be said that bad offline.

How to decorate according to feng shui.


1. Should no road ran straight into the house.
2. Should not have poles in front of home
3. Should not have a tree right door.
4. Should have doors, two doors to match the spirit through
5. Should not face the front door with another door.
6. Should not have doors that are too small to less money.
7. Should not match the car door just park money leak

Choose clothes according to feng shui.

Choosing the right clothes Huang. Chui added that it is a good personality of the wearer as well in.. Especially the selection of colorful fabric that will be worn. These colors will enhance the prestige of what to wear. And should wear any color clothing to look different.

(Should add).

Success = orange, purple, yellow
A lucky color = white
Authorized = gray, cream color.
Get help = red

Extra on the moon in love with feng shui bedroom

On average, 1 in 3 people is part of life. In the bedroom It is therefore worthwhile investment if you will. (Both power and money) go to the dressing room. This is the room that affects you more than any other room ...
If your love life boring. Lifeless I wish you health and healing. Or would like to look at new changes in life is .. This simple tip can help you ...
1. Change the furniture in the room where you can change it. Whether it is color wallpapers. Decorative gift. Remember, this room is a room that combines the emotions of love, which to relax and maintain itself. Try to choose something with a balance of components and shapes and colors.