Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Know feng shui office overcome the problem.

On a horoscope or Fans: Who would not like Horoscope for yourself each other a lot then. Now let's look on the moon, some like? Office. Way in. It is not difficult. I try to explore how their colleagues what some dignity. Because the atmosphere of the work was influenced by the personal dignity of work ago.

Know feng shui office overcome the problem.

From this, we will sign the 12 can be divided into four main elements is the earth element, Water, wind and fire a guide for you to try to see Siva, most colleagues in which elements. That is a relic of the office anyway. This will help to predict the strengths and the opportunities great. Weaknesses and who will be a problem. Has captured this point ensures that work in. Casual surely miserable.
Water Office.

Sign majority of the attendees: Pisces (20 Feb -20 March), Cancer (23 June -23 July) and Scorpio (24 Oct -. 22 Nov).

Features of work: emotional sensitivity much System sustain

Advantages: colleagues kindly, and to better understand each breast. That was very emotional, sometimes for the benefit of the big spike in birth creative new ideas.

Disadvantages: What to worry about is will not work. You only hurt because of psychological fear that some of each. Fear that some will be offended by. When you have a bug fix did not dare to speak directly today. Did you know that worshiping considerate when problems like this will escalate further harm.

Colleagues costly. In addition, this office has often caused problems if someone straight off to work, it is often beset by hate so generous. Gaze because people will think that hurt others. Although it is refreshing to work somehow, so tenderly with him.

Wind office.

Sign majority of the attendees: Aquarius (20 Jan -19 Feb), Gemini (22 May -22 June) and Libra (24 Sep -23. October).

Features of work: he has an idea like landscape question things.

Advantages: The combination of the principles of intelligent thinkers ready to be Sum Hua meeting each other for a cool idea and like to think of a way out or how the new functionality to work better.

Disadvantages: similar to the politicians to be thoughtful But no one wants to make them very much. I just know the girls watched. But in reality I do not own! The work not completed by the end of price talk and come out on time. The pretentious like so I can only discuss the same problem over there.

But did not answer at all or decide not know any. This office. You do not really care to much the same feeling. I need to distinguish between each work with personal matters.

Fire office.

Sign majority of the attendees: Aries (21 March -20 April), Leo (24 July -23 August) and Sagittarius (23 Nov -22. December).

Features of work: active commitment to creativity.

Advantages: Everyone enjoy working actively to create something new. 
Like adventure with challenging obstacles than simple repetitive work like most important piece of work.Working as a team better than worms. Because openness and sincerity.

Disadvantages: The active areas. Like to think ahead. Sometimes cause excessive fear. Dmeor problems and trivial, it becomes a huge crisis possible. Working environment and end the world's best throw. Fatigue sometimes make out the lights drop out at the unfinished

Sometimes ideas Fung held the job until the turbidity network. Lack of thorough People are tired of the office immediately if the work is monotonous or attention must be careful that will not finish on time in. I took.

That office, land

Sign majority of the attendees: Capricorn (23 Dec -19 Jan) Taurus (21 Apr -21 May) and Virgo

(24 Aug -23 a. 
. network..)

Features of work: good management. 
Act like a trust system.

Advantages: The people who brave the tasks completed on time and on budget stretch.Strongly in something tangible. Detect measurable. And that is important to bring the benefits of profit. All work on the details.

That idea is just not enough. But that would need to know which ones and how to achieve that idea. All financial expert. And of course, willing to work hard for money, it is worth.

Disadvantages: Work is often required to follow the rules exactly how to put it right. The monotonous boring. To change or start something new, extremely difficult, unless organized or existing equipment used to apply the prejudice is not really.

And more people will accept new things, this group will make sure that every detail. 
Is there a way that can be used efficiently and effectively clear fact.

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