Monday, November 1, 2010

Feng Shui Lucky Stone spin.

Rotate the lucky stone that is another thing that is almost sacred to virtually any home. A catalyst for good fortune flows into the house or shop was very good.
Since water is a catalyst in the path of flow indicates good as the front door. 
The door to the house or pool waterfall inside the house.
Water in terms of Feng Shui is lucky already. 
Water is the feed point energy flow. Too easily.
Placing the water main in front of the house. 
Is essential. Do not let the stagnant water.Because if it was stagnant water, then good luck will still die with. It is therefore necessary to encourage movement of water at all times.

Equipment to resolve the feng shui.

 Glass lion head, skin, lion couple, wind bell .... "A device to resolve the feng shui.Familiar to us. Feng Shui changes to waste In fact, a variety of methods, but also equipment These solutions are real feng shui, or ..?
Equipment to resolve the feng shui.

These devices can solve the feng shui true ..? 
This is a question often asked is always 
Especially the new generation that turned to studying Feng Shui. Many people thought it really is not much reason to do.
The glass head lion 
(Po Yan Kuai than) a single Can be modified to solve the multiple problems such as hitting the road home. (The three-junction) turn up to solve the triangle.Install or remove the door skin to match. To reduce conflict. Happened to the two rooms that have something similar to this.