Sunday, October 31, 2010

The dog to enhance Feng Shui.

We can not deny that at all. Nowadays, almost all houses and pay attention to a dog as a friend to play in Home a lot more. Mistakes from the past, the man often dogs. Watch the home.
Popularity of dogs can be seen from the number of veterinary clinics. And place the dog.Dog fine hotels springing up like mushrooms and flowers. Therefore, it is concluded that in the age 8 (Census 2547 to 2566), this popular pet is something you do not have anything but a lovely shed your
The role of dogs in feng shui.
The principles of Feng Shui is that "dog" is a child or the integrity of our family, sure enough. Although the dog is an animal in any animal Neu 12. During this current era in which just eight years as 2 can say that.

Dog as an animal would turn to be responsible for another human to 19 years (due to an age over 20 years) and I bet I can challenge that if the statistics really. Dogs are currently the largest in the world. Compared to other types of pets.

Principles of dog to enhance Feng Shui.
You believe it or not. If you bring dogs raised in a house just a few, but you know the date of birth of the dog and the dog can find the elements and the relationships you have with you. Small dogs is only one owner may be happy to help. And enhance the prestige of ownership issues, such as regular jobs, money, fortune and so on.
In addition, the direction and position in Placing a dog cage will enhance prestige of the owner in many ways such as if you put a dog cage northeasterly Will contribute to a healthy dog. And longevity. Children obey their parents. And obedient Loyal followers and so on.
But if you put a dog cage to the south. Would like. A younger daughter. Honest feel so young and love the owner.
Dogs with five elements.
Dogs just like humans in that analysis of the 5 elements in each party, if your dog is healthy healthy It allows a significant impact on ownership by And if your dog party. The various diseases. It indicates that your dog any deficiency in the element is as follows: 5 elements.
No disease causing the dog major deficiency solved by placing cages or organized according to a new address in the correct direction.
1. Diseases of the liver or lung Wood east or southeast.
2. Flatulence Dgoongeฟgo intestinal ulcer disease earth element southwest or northeast.
3. Thatthong west spine.
4. Hemophilia North Water.
5. Diseases of heart or blood pressure fire south.
Without a good place to locate a dog cage above. If you can not find space to place the cage in such a position. Tips solved by finding a photo of the dog. Go to your favorite place at that location instead, it will resolve as well.
You also believe that Even raising a pet and some of them, are tight relative to the direction of feng shui is not inevitable. If we do not have to. Interest in the story that much.Tattoo of a dog, it is a very simple too. But on the other hand
If we love the dog for a friend or family member of a tattoo is important to us. Is comparable to the one in our family. The dog, well in line with Feng Shui direction. It will impact. Positive for you and your family have ever unexpected.
Finally, for fans who love Feng Shui. If the case of your favorite dog died. Or death.Some of you want to find a tomb inside the house. And want to assign to embed. Your dog to sleep peacefully

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