Friday, June 6, 2014

Choosing colors home with the moon for you.

Choosing colors home to the house, it can enhance your life better. Smoothly to think what was achieved easily accomplished ....

I do not believe I have to believe that the color really affect your destiny. I knew this was fun! See. I want to choose a color that complements the Showroom.

Green enhance the peace, hope and security. Resolve difficulties and various obstacles chaos.

Yellow enhance the power, prestige and wealth luck. Edited depression, impotence and sterility of mind.

Blue enhance the warmth. Growth Various development Resolve the deadlock cleavage and sadness of mood, mental sloth.

Red in the financial supplement. Fame, fame, power, life, fix the weak of spirit.

Pink enhance the softness. Helpfulness concern Dry correction Loveless And tenderness

Purple enhance the opulence Suk. Reputation, rank and fortune Resolve the standstill of fortune.

Orange enhance the initiative and fix the opacity happy melancholy and spiritual regression.

Grey enhance the balance. Simplicity Fix the chaos, lawlessness

Black enhance the solemnity earnest. Lack of unified resolve the metaphysical

Brown enhance the stability, prestige, elegance, edit home variation.

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