Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How to decorate according to feng shui.


1. Should no road ran straight into the house.
2. Should not have poles in front of home
3. Should not have a tree right door.
4. Should have doors, two doors to match the spirit through
5. Should not face the front door with another door.
6. Should not have doors that are too small to less money.
7. Should not match the car door just park money leak


1. Bedroom home should be large. The Middle East or a good home. Will warm more.
2. Bedroom doors do not match each other.
3. No bedroom should be adjacent to the kitchen. Is hot and ill health.
4. Bedroom door should match the stairs, through the spirit.
5. Bedroom doors should match the closet door. Will cause suffering and bad health.
6. Heynon bedroom or bathroom, do not match the sound and healthy mouth is not good.
7.'s Room mate should be west of the house. Head facing east. Result in peaceful happiness.


1. Kitchen should be back home Have a positive impact on family
2. Kitchen should not be seen clearly. No good result. And obesity.
3. Stoves should not be placed next to the window. Will cause a disaster. And disease.
4. Stoves should not be adjacent to the bath. Will cause chaos.
5. Stoves put the diagonal d entrance To make more money.
6. Stoves should be as odd as fortune affluent
7. Kitchen should have a balanced ventilation. Wind will not be busy families.

 Toilet (the feng shui) to bring good luck.

1. Toilets should be clean Will result in a happy family.
2. Toilets should not match the bedroom door. Harm home
3. Toilet rooms should not be too large dish to make children lazy.
4. Lavatory Toouoฉeu should paint the landlord. Will prosper
5. Lavatory door. Should form a partition view. Cool for several minutes to make home happy.
6. Lavatory should be smaller than a bath.
7. Lavatory should have resulted in the moon light 2 family growth.


1. Stair house should be lit with white light or a yellow moon will result in that house.Brooks' accident
2. Stair home should be an odd number. Be sent to wealthy
3. The stairs, use brighter colors. That resulted in the bile. Happy peaceful home.

Living Room (Ban Saen Suk).

1. Multipurpose living room should have a sink or basin fish lotus most beautiful corner of the living room. Clouds, mountains and stick wallpaper light blue (light) to make room feng shui is shady.
2. Should match the living room door is just The sofa, blue or pink to warm support.

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