Friday, June 6, 2014

Feng Shui auspicious direction garage.

Parking or garage in your home may be at. Many people may overlook or underestimate the key role in the fate of the ......

But you were wrong and overlooked the closest thing to a disappointing, because the feng shui home as important. Subject garage under the house can help you in a variety of fields ever. If you build a car registered to be at the right time by then. Even promote your destiny into another.

But it will enhance the east side of what I see the Sanook! Horoscope bring it.

Feng Shui auspicious direction garage.

North (Water)

Fortunately the career If your garage is in the north of the house, it is considered good because north is where the element of water. And metals, it will strengthen the water element in this position. You should place the Tara landscape in a position to benefit from luck. Career from the north. You can also paint your car with the blue to urge them to. Family members even more.

South (Fire)

Fortunately the fame and recognition. If the garage is located in the south power metal of the car will clash with the power to fire position. By Fire destroys metal. Therefore, it is likely to damage your car. You should be parked outside the house. And converted the garage into a garden lit instead. Another option is The new car is painted bright red. So that your car is not affected by the bad out of the garage in this location.

East (Wood)

Fortunately, health Fortunately controlled east Health of people in And if this position has been condemned. It makes the residents sick easily. If you park your car in this section. Power metal of the car to break the power of the position wood east. So you should put it in the Tara landscape to strengthen this position. Tough to force Wood Because water to moisten the wood. Meanwhile, it can weaken the metal. And Your Health Place the squash luge track, tied with red thread inside my bed to avoid being hurt. Fever cases caused by unbalanced chi in this position. And you should paint the car green. Or blue to enhance positions east too.

Northeast (Earth).

Fortunately, knowledge and education. If you park your car in the eastern side. Out of home Fortunately, this will undermine the education of people in the house. You will face obstacles in the career ladder. And especially those who are studying to be experiencing trouble, and there are plenty of jams. Modified by placing the crystal in this position for luck to knowledge. Tara landscape laid out by the depletes power metal. And to paint your car yellow to complement such a position even more.

Southeast (Wood).

Wealth luck Southeast to northwest wood. That collides with power metal So if this is undermining the power of the West. Would affect the chances of a family's wealth. Modified by placing the tree in a position to strengthen the wood, and laid a regular Tara landscape to erode power metal radiating out of the car. Also, you may be painted with a blue or green car. Because these colors consistent with southeast.

Feng Shui auspicious direction garage.

West (metal)

Fortunately, the heir to the garage in the west of the house. It will bring a fortune to the heirs and children. This is because the West is the direction of the metal. If this has been motivated by parking in this location. You also tend to be prepared to welcome a new family now! For families with children already have a car in this position allowing kids. Are grateful to Docile And established the family.

North (metal).

Fortunately the contributor North of the house covered. Fortunately the contributor Generally, it means the person or the strongest influencers will provide recommendations. Leadership and career coaching assistance to you. If this position has been condemned Sponsor them, it will bring disaster to the story instead, but if your car is parked in this location. You'll have better luck patrons. This is because power metal positions will be stimulated as well. In order to strengthen the lucky patrons better. To patronize the place it in your living room north of you.

Southwest (Earth).

Luck, love and relationships. If your car is parked in this direction. Fortunately, it will undermine the love of family. Modified by placing the crystal nature preserve in this position to strengthen and motivate. For this love And put me on the Thara landscape to erode metal. Mandarin ducks mate put it in the southwest corner of the living room to charge. I love the 6 balls and put the crystal ball in the middle of the living room to maintain the harmony of love in the house. Paint your car red. Or yellow to complement such a position even more.

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