Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Door core of Feng Shui.

"Gate" is the key to feng shui principles because it is opening the door to good energy flow. Power flow has been good. The door would not be good for the power flow that is not good business "gate" to things that represent the first line to success. If you try to observe well. The principle goal is to set up and decorated. To achieve the ownership of the goods or place them.

The first thing is the position of the door. We may have heard about Tiger Gate Dragon Gate, many people may not understand. Conclude simply observe the following principles to see if the left hand is straight, "Tiger Gate" is right "Dragon Gate".
If the feng shui is often said that the door Dragon Tiger Gate. But in fact. Both gates are equal in having a job means dragon door to door movement. For shop types.Customers want to show off all the time, such as poor restaurant food store pharmacy restaurant bank books to the more active it must open the door dragon
Tiger Gate refers to acquiesce Ideal for shops or businesses that want customers to stay longer in stores such as Massage and insurance sales. Jewellery shops. Car showroom home sales showroom sales if customers want to sit for a long time Should welcome the Tigers to open the door. Cause of the Tiger and Dragon Gate. Are described as psychological. Door to the right. The door, the man most familiar. Right-handed humans than the left hand.

Feng Shui bedroom accessories love family life

I missed a couple that just love each other. Or even a long time ago. If you want to have a solid increase love and more. Debugging a few things I took this approach to all available.

Under the bed with the placenta.
Should not be taken under the bed. That's not used to keep the distortion not only of the final fracture. However, if absolutely necessary. You do not have it's already But also to choose to keep the new. Important to systematize If the cord under the bed a lot. Or less a collection of other couples to make you weak. May be subject Daelaaebraแygong often with

Feng shui bathroom, not in the middle of home

According to feng shui principles to thousands each year came from that era do not have the management of waste from the body. Humans as the present. So in a period bathroom, toilets are outside the house. Or a separate toilet from the bathroom did not smell clean to prevent the interference. And prevent damp. And dangers of various diseases.
According to Feng Shui the basic means to explore the view that any matter. Nothing harmful. Epdpai it is to find a way to protect and what matters is what you'll find a way to promote That is the origin of the allocation rules for bathrooms, toilets outside the house after the house is on the west to the sun, bathroom, toilet, and certainly not in the middle of houses that are not strictly prohibited in the area of the house.

Feng Shui and the sacred bridal untoward

The ancient words are said that. 'Grow house to indulge tenant Wuxi plant to indulge the bed 'is still true trusted Section home until today.
Because really. Home, it is a place of refuge. Is where we hope to stay on and be happy with the peace of mind, etc. The selected home Or a good loft. Should consider the following things is the security room.

If the rooms at the center position of the building will be propitious. In the matter of security money Career and living conditions.
Sacred room.
Living room will have joy and happiness. Growth more The room is facing. Out toward the front of the building. The door of the room is located in the same way as any building entrance sure enough.