Saturday, June 7, 2014

Feng Shui front door for good luck.

Feng shui door who is not important. Feng Shui for monitoring the front door and the center of the dwellings. In a way that is clean, neat, balanced brightness over time. Not difficult at Sanook! Horoscope Details of the procedure to check the following as well.

Feng Shui front door for good luck.

A glorious atrium door and position the center of the building. Must have the correct manner according to feng shui, the look that is balanced Proximity narrow width high and low for the perfect balance consistency of all three. As a result, the benefits and possible functions of each of the following.

The front door must be stable and strong. If the doors of houses for residential only. Deserves to be the door look solid wooden doors with decorative elements and not in conflict with north front of the house.

Time to open the doors that opened inward look at the bolt locks the handle is completely defective. Can operate well without friction or jamming noise during operation. This is the basic qualification to welcome good fortune and success. Along with the good looks of protection.

Doors and door parts that look and appearance conflicts with the principles of Feng Shui. SAGE recommended that the doors can not be a welcome windfall. If you lack the characteristics of a good protection. Bring discredit upon the A door that can not keep the power of fortune is favorable.

Example Open the door difficult to handle, bolts, old and worn. Lack of good looks in the hospitality luck. Door panels are cracked, damaged knows the light through it. Or doors not closed completely with light through.

The lack of a good characteristic protected. Front door and straight to the back door window door storage power light is not favorable. People in silver and gold is not. Enrichment is difficult