Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Choose clothes according to feng shui.

Choosing the right clothes Huang. Chui added that it is a good personality of the wearer as well in.. Especially the selection of colorful fabric that will be worn. These colors will enhance the prestige of what to wear. And should wear any color clothing to look different.

(Should add).

Success = orange, purple, yellow
A lucky color = white
Authorized = gray, cream color.
Get help = red

(Should not enter.)
Argument = green
Ill be disappointed = black, blue
Misery = pink

(Should add).

Success = gray, cream color.
Pink = a fortune.
Authorized = black, blue
Get help = white.

(Should not enter.)

Argument = orange, purple, yellow
Ill be disappointed = red
Misery = green


(Should add).
Success = black, blue
A fortune = green
Authorized = red
Get help = pink

(Should not enter.)

Argument = gray, cream color.
Ill be disappointed = white.
Misery = orange, purple, yellow


(Insert appropriate) success = red
A fortune = orange, purple, yellow
Power = white.
Get help = green

(Should not enter.)

Argument = black, blue
Pain patients disappointed = pink
Misery = gray, cream color.


(Insert appropriate) success = white.
A lucky color = gray, cream color.
Authorized = pink
Get help = orange, purple, yellow

(Should not enter.)

Fight = Red illness.
Down = green
Misery = black, blue


(Should add).
Success = pink
A fortune in black, blue
Power = green
Get help = gray, cream color.

(Should not enter.)

Argument, white.
Pain patients disappointed = orange, purple, yellow
Misery = red


(Should add).
Success = green
A fortune = red
Authorized = orange, purple, yellow
Get help = black, blue

(Should not enter.)

Argument = pink
Ill be disappointed = gray, cream color.
Misery = white.

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