Thursday, July 7, 2011

Feng Shui for homes and residences.

1. Home.

Home is the most important part of the house. It is through their good fortune. The front door must be sturdy. If there is any need to repair cracks bent completely the same.The door is the entrance of chi, or the wind. And the route of bringing money into your life. So to avoid setting the door in the same window. I came across a big tree house. In particular, do not imitate the shrine gate. On the canopy frame is not bent and the sun came out a little. I will get good money. You should clean the house all the time. Do not let the falling leaves, wilting is not looking to help spread prosperity to the house more.

2. The bathroom.

No bathroom in the middle of the house. It will make people living in the home, sick with the stomach and intestine. It is about health as well. The beauty and should not be a toilet or bathroom door with the door. When opening the door should be able to find something beautiful to me than my bathroom.

3. Painting.

Drawings to be stuck in the house. In addition to the beautiful but passive, meaning auspicious, with accessories such as waterfalls, is believed to be a fortune. And currents to flow in one direction, into the house is considered auspicious. If water flows out of the house. Will make a fortune out of the house out.

4. Window.

Do not turn the head of the bed to the window because the smoke. The light from interfering with sleep. Broken windows or glass. May be dangerous. If the cockpit is covered with a cloth curtain. The main window should be open to the outside. An octagon or circle. Feng Shui, which may be by placing a small tree. At the edge of the window. Or hang a wind chime that I had to. Also, if a window or glass replacement and repair cracks in a hurry. It will make people love each other in the quarrels that have alienated.

5. Tree.

The science of feng shui believe that. Trees are living things. Represents the chi in your home, so there should be no trees close to home. Should not be cluttered, dense trees such as Acacia and Bamboo can not see the house. And if the trees that fall or tilt.The overthrow and death of trees and new planting would be better off. Especially if it is too close to home. In addition to the house collapsed soon after. It makes people feel uncomfortable in the house. The house is not comfortable enough.

6. Stairs.

Head down the stairs to the lower entrance. Will result in lower-income people there.On the other hand, is the ladder should head for the door. The money will flow out as well. If you can not adjust. Partition the way up the stairs and you walk around a bit.Inside cover or the direction of the stairs can help as well.

7. Luminaire.

The decorative lamps We can help clean up the house like a narrow entrance to the house to illuminate the way out to help people in the house here. Into life. Or illuminate the patio and deck. In addition to helping prevent the robbers. Also, the chi into the house at night as well. For the bedroom, not to illuminate the Hawnon. Because it would interfere with the rest into a corner and a dim light bulb to relax.

8. Clock.

Watch as the symbol of life progresses. The potential implications of the successful progress. If you have more than 2-3 in one room houses that are out of balance with the room. Position that should be left on your hands. (Facing out) and watch the 6 and 8 sided polygon is a shape that complements auspicious fortune.

9. Vanity.

Dressing should be located in the south to the identity. By the time we were facing up to their own. Which means that we can bring good luck to yourself in the morning when the makeup or the makeup of the office. It was a good idea to bring the sacred into our own as well. We are also able to increase the prosperity and good fortune to have a lot more with the lights out at vanity. The lamps are considered to be the world. Or fire. And vanity, especially if located in the south. East or west of the bedroom is even more auspicious and good luck. Caution is not a vanity mirror facing the bed because the bed is facing the problem of having a partner with third parties. Intervention. It will not move or cover the glass every time I go to bed.

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