Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Home near the Shrine Temple Cemetery will be unfortunate

"Home is near the temple shrine will cemetery luckless.This is one of the provisions of Feng Shui. Why say these things. Textbook explains Shrine Temple Cemetery is full of energy Im (Yin) is the power of the spirit. Its power still dead. A lucky break.

Last week, someone invited me to see the house. Is home to buy later. Home owners worry that Feng Shui is bad. Because it is near the temple. Called the house looking out the front of the house is measured. The cremation crematorium chimney. If the same textbook, it must be said that bad offline.

"So what to do better you are."

Cure in Feng Shui there are several ways. But first have to explain to the poor first.Bad for a house near the temple, it is to make people in the house with a depressed mental distress is not clear, but because we can see the tragic story of a relative's funeral to the temple to wear black and white set of dull lifeless look. When the long day it felt last year in the life Not eager to make a living. Luck of the most compromise.

That is why the logic. If the reason for the spiritual, it is said that the temple is the source of the spirit (ghost) of a large house near the temple. Opportunity to meet a ghost story, it has met a lot as well. Feng Shui books, some books. Size that I specify. Home near the temple. Make people in the house hysterical Or is of unsound mind.

If changes are not moving away. However, is to conceal what is not visible to people in the house temple. Crematory funeral or a simple way to grow a big tree that corresponds to the temple or crematorium, using the tree view instead of the main temple. When not see what is causing the depression. There would be no impact.
"Where there is more Yin. To solve the Yang. "

That is the core of Feng Shui by solving the second method. Movement, which is used in Feng Shui represents the yang. What is the water that moves like a waterfall, fountain area that matches the measurement. Water, the atmosphere at home has a bright vibrant vivid battle abandoned the wretched dead stillness.

Another way the sun lights the front of the house next to the moon because the two semantics of Star dragon Light will be bright. General non-dim. Must be left open all night.

If not, the light may be used to enhance the sound as a bell, such as wind or Yang Mobile noisy next to the wind when it hits home. Or above the entrance to home.

Final approach is to use that Po Yan Kuai (Tiger period sword) mounted above the door facing the temple. Because Po Yan Kuai is a solution that spirituality directly. If this is the talisman of the Thai people may Thao Wessuwan next time instead because it fears the same spirit.

Key issues for talisman talisman is must pass the initiation ago Not to buy the mall or the market has taken next to it.

       Home near the temple, not a bad thing to lose out right now. " This home will suit those who want peace and quiet. Those who like to make merit. Who works as a practice. If it is a fun, energetic people who want to remain in the old enthusiasm. This house is not fit to live. Yang Pan Thon because it will force the lower

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