Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Room in the house .. well .. put where?

Room in the house. Most interpretations include a reading room. Exam room. The room these. All want peace and quiet. The position will be selected room. Need to consider this issue specifically. Find a quiet corner of the house and not crowded. If the floor is placed. Quite a bit hard to find. Because the room will cause pollution to affect the peace they are available. Whether it is a room entertainment field to blaring from the TV.And audio kitchen cooking smelly noise. Who has more houses with small children.Children ran around the sound blaring loudly some Would destroy the very hearing quiteIf it is a big house with more space. May choose to place the room in a quiet corner.Most of the side of a central home And not on the main path of the house. To the people who work in the room to concentrate most 
If you choose to place the function room upstairs. Would be more appropriate. Because it is more quiet. Most of them are upstairs bedroom with a meditation room. To the peace already. And working at home. Would not spend so much time as work Seems to be little in the way so more than likely to find a corner room did not work hard.Direction to bring about the selected position working room. It should be chosen is on the west. Southwest And the Northwest because of the 3 directions in Feng Shui is the charismatic direction. Network is working on direct But that must mean that Did not take breakfast room from cold
If not because nothing can work all day like this. Direction that will not fit all. Because the direction of the sun is too strong in the afternoon. The room is too hot.Room that day should be selected in the north. Northeast And east over the screaming, because the sun does not dare to interfere in the afternoon at all. If the return from work.And then to work more at home in the evening and night. Select the drop zone, the West did not lose anything as a result offline.

But that said. Select the location Whatever room. Will have to look at the usefulness of the room is a major If not, do not need to cause serious so long. Some houses have no room in particular. But the desk. Usually live with another room.Things to remember about the room or corner work is to be a fairly quiet location.Consider that Area adjacent to the room is a room What is the impact of this matter if there is no place I can work a room. The second direction is also offline. Do not meet the above. I do not have to worry much.
But if the Feng Shui principles to be really There should be no room home offline. It houses a resting place. At home, it should not work anymore. Really have to stay.Consider also how they see each other offline I should have room in your home or not.

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