Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Extra on the moon in love with feng shui bedroom

On average, 1 in 3 people is part of life. In the bedroom It is therefore worthwhile investment if you will. (Both power and money) go to the dressing room. This is the room that affects you more than any other room ...
If your love life boring. Lifeless I wish you health and healing. Or would like to look at new changes in life is .. This simple tip can help you ...
1. Change the furniture in the room where you can change it. Whether it is color wallpapers. Decorative gift. Remember, this room is a room that combines the emotions of love, which to relax and maintain itself. Try to choose something with a balance of components and shapes and colors.
2. Do not buy air conditioning is not good. If you do not want to have both love and health, bad legacy.
3. Use a wooden bed, if you choose. Because the bed is made of metal .. conductive medium. Which affect your health. And try to bring all the power away from your bed.
4. Czech lighting conditions within the room. This should not be too hard (yang) or too dim (yin) and do not forget about a noise .. it can make you feel frustrated.
5. Avoid bringing large tree in my room.
6. Avoid large mirror with If you did not sleep comfortably.
7. Do not bring metal into various rooms, such as knives, swords, scissors, guns, etc..
8. Creatinine Eight head of the bed and wall bed, a beautiful head. And if your bed set to match the bedroom door. Hang the crystal between the bed and the area.
9. Under the bed should not be out of unused to. Especially not damaged woman's broken! However, if absolutely necessary. You do not have it's already But also to choose to keep the new. Important to systematize If the cord under the bed a lot.Or store any of the net. Will make you healthy or unhealthy sweet. Free throw to put the matter more frequently with each other.
10. Bedroom window. Blinds should be used more sunscreen blinds that look solid Not sway the same cloth. Because this room to the gentle atmosphere. Epenonganepenuar not a lot. Believed that if the blinds installed. Will enhance our luck in love.
11. If your bedroom window glass. Can view the beautiful outdoors. Should not be sliding into bed next to the window glass. Placed close together or too much Even if you wanted to sleep outside the scenic heart will break. The power that comes from outside.Although you will not get to him to have a story to break. But it will result in the insomnia or nightmares ever live.
12. Find a flower vase. Put it in some one bedroom. Or a Flower Pot time. Pot should be white. The trees are red or pink. Increases the power to love a little stronger.
13. Do not turn the head to the bathroom bed feared. Horoscope love is glorious, it is said to be easy to catch. It must be the same, but on Daelaaebraแygong incessant
14. Do not turn toes to the bedroom door. It is a symbol of sleep of the dead. Not a particularly auspicious. If the end of a bed facing the bedroom door, it was, .. just to be on family health, rarely suffer heart healthy There are probably sick ever. Suk warmth in your home will be reduced to.
15. The floor of the bedroom. Should be flat. A comfortable pattern. If the color is simply the best Do not choose a bedroom design CARPET buzz giddy It will result in your love was busy.
16. Do not use a white blanket. Because when used to cover the draft. The same as the symbol of the dead. Despite the white linen look clean .. but it is not suitable for bedrooms, Neu. White Opoen will result in scattered power of love. Choose a color linen elsewhere.
17. If you have to throw different sweet on each other frequently. It is possible that the end of your bed facing the door. Negative energy will come through it. .. Simple fix by hanging a small mirror at the end of the bed. To reflect bad energy away.
18. For fabrics woven with gold thread. Or fabric is placed on a golden bed Shining shiny fabrics. Will help you create a chapter on the bed, love tenderly up neatly.
19. If the heat do you emotionally. May be from friends and work on angry bully lovers often find a bowl to put beautiful stone or crystal placed under the bed. Will make a slight emotion.
20. Want you to love your firm to find a quart stone's White Hunk clear measurablePlaced under the bed.
21. Do not fire that caused a light aircraft. To your bed at all Because of your love will become cluttered aching to move the bed out the light. If you do not have to hang bead necklace at the end of bed To absorb the energy of conflict.
22. If you're worried that he will enter next gig. To change the curtains bedroom door. A beaded curtain that hundred. Believed that the bead will help keep the power to love is not a distraction to the other.
23. If your bed. Midway between the two sides of the door as the door into the room and the bathroom door. To move the position of the bed. Or they find beautiful scenes come to power that love together as one.

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