Friday, June 6, 2014

How a property by Feng Shui.

I will talk about the case. Money into the house, then called According to feng shui, there are a variety of combinations that you can follow. Depending on how you feel in any form. Which collected various methods You can participate

How a property by Feng Shui.

If you want to make a lot of money flowing into the home or small bell hanging bell tied a scarlet thread hanging out the side door of the house. Or hung on the doors of the building Outside the office

The ancient Chinese coin hanging (A look round with a square hole in the middle. Red thread and tie it), ancient Chinese coins, 3 coins hanging on the door knob in the house. Building or door In the Office However, no Chinese coin hanging several pieces together, just 3 dollars is sufficient. If you have too many coins. Will contribute negatively to the house.

The Goldfish Or find a picture of a flower's water ripples or deer hung on the wall. It can be called a fortune into a home.

Tree watering the soil around the house, do not let the tree, if the tree withered flowers wither. Fertilizer to apply to Because the trees are wilting. To make a fortune out of the house.

This is how the science of feng shui, the Chinese texts. It can be used, but the Feng Shui is wild indeed the best way to make money is to be comfortable livelihood diligently. Work honestly Known not dissipate scrimp and save

You have to have power over money. Do not let money control Because when life falls under the power of money. The freedom to live our lives will be reduced accordingly.

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