Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Feng Shui bedroom accessories love family life

I missed a couple that just love each other. Or even a long time ago. If you want to have a solid increase love and more. Debugging a few things I took this approach to all available.

Under the bed with the placenta.
Should not be taken under the bed. That's not used to keep the distortion not only of the final fracture. However, if absolutely necessary. You do not have it's already But also to choose to keep the new. Important to systematize If the cord under the bed a lot. Or less a collection of other couples to make you weak. May be subject Daelaaebraแygong often with

Bedroom window to the blinds.
Use blinds sunscreen blinds that look more solid. Not sway the same cloth. Because this room to the gentle atmosphere. This is not a view widely. There is also a belief that If the next blind Will enhance our luck in love with.
Bedroom with glass.
Rooms have thick glass that can be different views beautiful outdoors should not move a bed. Caught in the window glass or placed close to each other too much. Even if you wanted to sleep outside view how
Because the power that comes from outside. Although you will not get couples to have a story to break. But it will result in the North are not sleeping or having nightmares ever.
Bedroom with a flower vase.
Find a vase of flowers to put some one in the bedroom. Or is a Flower Pot time. Pot should be white. The tree is not as red or pink will add power to love a little stronger.
Do not head straight bed bath.
Do not turn cows to the bathroom bed feared. Horoscope love is glorious. It might be easy to jump into the abyss. It must be the same, but on Daelaaebraแygong incessantNot to turn toes to the bedroom door.
It is a symbol. The part of the dead. Not a particularly auspicious. If the end of a bed facing the door just to sleep at it. Will have on the mind Edืonrngon family. Health, not strength. There are probably sick ever. Warmth in the home will reduce Suk less.
Floor of the bedroom.
Should be flat. A comfortable pattern. If a simple flat colors to be a good idea. Do not choose CARPET bedrooms and a modern design that look too cluttered because it will result in the love of your dear Son with bite. Called a little lower preference. But the increase is considered worth the peace of mind.
Do not use a white blanket.
Do not use a white blanket in the bedroom. Because a white blanket. If we bring in blankets covering body is like a veil dead White linen. Although clean. But it is not suitable for bedrooms. White will lead to scatter the power of love. Linen should choose a different color would be better.
End of a bed facing the door.
If you dispute or disagreement Frequently. It is possible that the end of your bed facing the door. Negative energy will come through the door. And then strike with your solution is a small wall mirror. At the end of the bed. To reflect bad energy away.
Linen gold
Linen or fabric covered gold With shining shiny fabrics. Will help you create a chapter on the bed, exquisite love more tenderly.
Extra emotional rock crystal.
If the range where you feel yourself sultry Mg moody than usual with things. That you will not find the real cause. Then it came down to bully people and make people love your love is not happy The solution is to find a beautiful bowl, put a stone or crystal. Placed under the bed to help make everything better.
Quartzite rock that flux-white color.
Want your love strong. And the love of your concerns. Understand and protect you more.You find a stone left post quasi-white color big mod and put it under the bed. Will cause your love is strengthened.
Light beam bed.
Do not install the lights. Causing light. Jet to your bed at all Because of your love will become cluttered aching Move the bed out the light. Or if you do not have to hang bead necklace at the end of bed Beads to absorb the energy conflict.
Change the bedroom door curtain.
If you're worried that people are going to love someone new. To change the curtains bedroom door. A beaded curtain that hundred. Believed that the bead will help keep the power to love in a way that is not divided displacement. Spread to other places.
Bed in the center doors on both sides.
Such as doors into the room and the bathroom door. Door or back of the room. To move the bed or just find a beautiful scene. The barrier between the waste To power that love together as one.

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