Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Feng shui bathroom, not in the middle of home

According to feng shui principles to thousands each year came from that era do not have the management of waste from the body. Humans as the present. So in a period bathroom, toilets are outside the house. Or a separate toilet from the bathroom did not smell clean to prevent the interference. And prevent damp. And dangers of various diseases.
According to Feng Shui the basic means to explore the view that any matter. Nothing harmful. Epdpai it is to find a way to protect and what matters is what you'll find a way to promote That is the origin of the allocation rules for bathrooms, toilets outside the house after the house is on the west to the sun, bathroom, toilet, and certainly not in the middle of houses that are not strictly prohibited in the area of the house.

Such rules are also used since ancient to present a bathroom toilet turned into a virtual room. Show friends and family and any friends who visit.
The important point to consider a bathroom toilet starts with location.
Do not buy the house. A house with a bathroom toilet in the middle of home-based beliefs ancient bath house with traditional Make people sick residents, but often the word house in the middle of this means that the middle house really is not one side wall.As an island in the middle of home (The bathrooms do not have one in place. Such).
The bathroom against the wall either side, but rather in the middle of home Rather than behind it should be considered. Carefully because it is close to taboo, then why is the bathroom is a room that needs ventilation system should be delighted to get the sun to help kill germs. Eliminate damp.
Where folk are not met. This need. It also will not get sunlight then. Impurities and odors from the bathroom different area, they spread to other parts of the house easily. Not as good living environment.
If you find a bathroom in that location. Need to check more carefully that How are ventilation support. How much better if the choice should nevertheless choose to live on the floor of the bathroom toilets arranged in the back is better. Whether a single house, semi-detached or townhouse. The bathroom condominium that may be relatively common in other systems, but must look for better ventilation.
View system is ideal for a bathroom exhaust fan in the ventilation pipe outside the home or outside the room (condominium) at a time should use the bathroom before closing the door. But open to the air blower. To eliminate unwanted smells different to most
In summary, location, bathroom or toilet to the back pretty far behind the best. Bathroom is located mid. The house should be avoided. If necessary, buyer must look carefully on the ventilation system.

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