Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Feng Shui and the sacred bridal untoward

The ancient words are said that. 'Grow house to indulge tenant Wuxi plant to indulge the bed 'is still true trusted Section home until today.
Because really. Home, it is a place of refuge. Is where we hope to stay on and be happy with the peace of mind, etc. The selected home Or a good loft. Should consider the following things is the security room.

If the rooms at the center position of the building will be propitious. In the matter of security money Career and living conditions.
Sacred room.
Living room will have joy and happiness. Growth more The room is facing. Out toward the front of the building. The door of the room is located in the same way as any building entrance sure enough.

Room untoward
Many preferred a more quiet corner and are no people walking through the front room, much to feel annoyed But then the real top corner of the aisle. A room that does not make it any good fortune to live on and will always have obstacles. Fortune and misfortune generally (If you have large windows. At the top of the wall walk. Is enough to alleviate the difficulties. But still not good).
Room features untoward
- Doors should not fit into the opposite room opposite.- Do not choose a room at the far corner of the hallway.- Do not open the door to the bathroom in front of the room.- Kitchen or kitchen counter. Icon should not be through the front room.- Bedroom door, bathroom door people. Or end of bed is not considered good.- The machine stove and pan set. Do not close the faucet.- One bedroom has no window, no.- Not in front of the kitchen corner bathroom.- Avoid room under a large water tank. It is located on the floor of that room.- Do not open the door to the bed set stand out. To find a curtain or the cabinet set to cover up waste

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