Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Door core of Feng Shui.

"Gate" is the key to feng shui principles because it is opening the door to good energy flow. Power flow has been good. The door would not be good for the power flow that is not good business "gate" to things that represent the first line to success. If you try to observe well. The principle goal is to set up and decorated. To achieve the ownership of the goods or place them.

The first thing is the position of the door. We may have heard about Tiger Gate Dragon Gate, many people may not understand. Conclude simply observe the following principles to see if the left hand is straight, "Tiger Gate" is right "Dragon Gate".
If the feng shui is often said that the door Dragon Tiger Gate. But in fact. Both gates are equal in having a job means dragon door to door movement. For shop types.Customers want to show off all the time, such as poor restaurant food store pharmacy restaurant bank books to the more active it must open the door dragon
Tiger Gate refers to acquiesce Ideal for shops or businesses that want customers to stay longer in stores such as Massage and insurance sales. Jewellery shops. Car showroom home sales showroom sales if customers want to sit for a long time Should welcome the Tigers to open the door. Cause of the Tiger and Dragon Gate. Are described as psychological. Door to the right. The door, the man most familiar. Right-handed humans than the left hand.

The door to the left. Although men are not left-handed. But humans are accustomed to traveling to the left. Whether it is a sidewalk or street. Make you feel safer. Able to stay in place longer than that.
The door in the middle called "Gate University, a gateway designed for use with difficult areas. Because when the door is placed in the middle will be difficult to allocate space.Places where the need is. Not too big and not too small, such as medium Convenient Store. Convenient, but if a large 2-door because it is popular with designers in mind and out of comfortably. And near the car park of a major customer.
The size of the door. If the door is like a "mouth" the mouth should be a good fit perfect with the building. Not too big. Or too small. The large doors could not point out the power storage. First, it must be understood. Current anything. Is more modern. Most shops are both the air.
Door design principles. The door is larger than the building. A door that can not be trapped air. Wasting electricity. Moreover, smoke coming easy. Made goods in shops are not clean. Must be cleaned frequently.
The door is too small. Not attract customers to stores. In addition, it is not obvious. แee that's not him. The matter of opening and closing doors. It is very debatable. That should open the door by pushing or pulling. But then explain the psychological. The best door must be pushed into the door. It is the physiological need. Man must move forward. The door to push in response to this problem. Make customers feel as opening the door to each other since.

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