Monday, November 1, 2010

Equipment to resolve the feng shui.

 Glass lion head, skin, lion couple, wind bell .... "A device to resolve the feng shui.Familiar to us. Feng Shui changes to waste In fact, a variety of methods, but also equipment These solutions are real feng shui, or ..?
Equipment to resolve the feng shui.

These devices can solve the feng shui true ..? 
This is a question often asked is always 
Especially the new generation that turned to studying Feng Shui. Many people thought it really is not much reason to do.
The glass head lion 
(Po Yan Kuai than) a single Can be modified to solve the multiple problems such as hitting the road home. (The three-junction) turn up to solve the triangle.Install or remove the door skin to match. To reduce conflict. Happened to the two rooms that have something similar to this.

Young people would rather not receive. Because there is no foundation of a logical whatsoever. But if we look at the description in the ancient feng shui books for that reason. Sing Tao Hua or glass is used to prevent the ghost.
Because hitting the road. 
Corresponding to a door or passageway of the soul to bothers people in the home. People who do not believe in spirits ghost stories, it would be to smile and shake my head in mind that "Ignorant nonsense," look at people who speak a million years to the Tao.
Fact makes the tips used to solve it. 
Not even the ridiculous to believe or not quite interested. Because if we look at in terms of psychology. Seen as a very good result.
Because at least make people more comfortable. 
Feel that they can fix what is not good. The following will not have to worry about that again. Without any concerns arise.Adversely affect operations. Life will diminish with
But what is worrisome for bringing these devices to solve the feng shui is. 
Create a simple easy to make with people. Is to cultivate people believe in what you do not understand also.
It also allows for those living with subjects like feng shui. 
Entering into the system. By taking courses feng shui Beonghngr but mainly want to sell equipment to solve fortuneThese more than simply to make more business will be subject to use feng shui to really benefit.

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