Sunday, October 31, 2010

Home decoration with an image.

Home furnishings. It is considered indispensable for all home lovers. Some investors in this regard. House prices than bad. Whether it's garden. Tile House fence, gate furniture, bathroom linen curtains and many called every room in the house must be furnished all
But the House appears to be the most popular. Affordable and easy it is to see "Pictures" Wall Nenแhea room several people asked that the Select decorate the home in feng shui terms with how or not.
The Rules of Feng Shui. Will be talking about it in a matter of semantics of images. To suit different rooms within a home, whether as a hallway, living room, office room, bedroom, bathroom, toilet. Or restaurant To see the image clearer. I go to Browse by it wholeheartedly tired my room.
Hall and living room.
Pictures used in decorating this room. Most of them are beautiful landscape photos.Warm, relaxed feel to the room because the front end of the house. When walking into the house to see scenes will feel great for visiting guests. Or even the residents themselves.

In feng shui to focus on the meaning of the picture as well. A sunset landscape picture.Will only need a sunrise. Do not use the sunset, because the meaning is not propitious.
If a seascape Must be a flat calm sea. For warmth. No sea bugs Or the boat is surfing.This is not ideal. If a picture waterfall It should not be turned to. Next door or near the entrance.
Because the semantics of fortune leak Images make it into the house. Or attached to another room would be better than this living room, living room, next to popular royal portrait image or body image Thep various Propitious to the home as well. Who will install the image itself can not be any penalties. But most will be argued over family photos offline.

Home with office Image for this room. In feng shui said. Should use the mountain. And should be in place after the next desk. So that means do not install security shelter opposite the desk.
Because it makes workers feel clogged and could not think of mountains and nature.Should be rounded hills. Covered with green trees. No mountain is bald or he pointed to the meaning behind the picture is not as sacred desk. Should not be a picture that represents something like the motion picture waterfall running horse racing, etc. It represents the meaning of Ehned tired.

The rest is a room to sleep. The right image should be smooth video images of flowers as the flower garden because it represents the meaning of love and warmth will mount if the water in the bedroom. In Feng Shui will not take that.
Do not stick around Heynon. Species considered because water flows into the head. It makes people uncomfortable sleep easy. Image should not be installed in the bedroomIt is a portrait. Sacred images. Residential buildings. Or video equipment engine
Including photography, "In terms of tracks, which look innocent Have multiple interpretations pervade This is not ideal because the same room to relax. Do not see what the brain must be thinking too.

Bath latrine
Should mount tree Images for your garden or forest green in Feng Shui is considered.Trees will absorb the moisture in the bathroom as well.

I use the dining room with views. Or video stream plant with water. Food is the moment to get over the rest. To see beautiful scenery. Would make the food taste more than the national picture may be used for food, fresh fruit is a catalyst for increased food consumption as well.

Would form the next room, nothing impossible. In addition, about body image Thep.Buddhist monk various Or royal portrait. It is a room to pay their respects to the silent figure is simply not suitable for people (with life), or any other form. Not related to respect.
The view that all images must be the image that we look better and feel more comfortable if the picture how many times they do not like. I do not have to stick it in..Bad feeling empty even though the Feng Shui books. Say that any good?

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