Friday, June 6, 2014

10 techniques to "Feng Shui" desk for balance (Momy Pedia).

     1. Position at a desk. First, look at the back. Because feng shui is back behind the stable. If sitting with his back to the glass, which is a reflection of the time. Show that your job is certainly not to me. The solution is to find blinds to cover the behind the mirror all the time. Or if there are solid at the back, it will help. But if it is for good. Should sit with his back to the wall and look at the picture attached to this By choosing such a strong position to ride the mountain section direction. If a private room. Should set the table in a way that people can see into the room clearly.

     2. Trying to avoid working directly with the desktop. Because gossip is not that bad out. Do not sit back and float or sit with his back to the door. It may have been stabbed after my colleagues. Should be avoided if not for the trees, or between a door or desk.

     3. Should not be turned into a desk corner. It will come, but not good. I avoided to put a crystal reflect negative energy away.

     4. Desks facing the same direction. If you must sit well with others. Should try to turn the tables in the same direction. And avoid facing the table together. I will enjoy reading it as I work. (Replaces the next. I will be aiming to take the boss Peng).

     5. Solve sitting under the beam. If you sit under the beam results in a person. The high stress. The work is not smooth. Or malfunction easily. Especially if you are in accounting or finance. May adversely affect the organization significantly. There are many solutions. But the easiest. Beam is used to advantage by hanging clock. Or a light bulb under the beam.

     6. Placing high at the table on the left. The left side of the desk. A position of power in the workplace. Place of the most high it was like a computer screen. The higher shelves. And should have a small tree. Placed alongside the computer screen. Ferns, cactus, etc., to reduce the strength of the magnetic field of the computer screen.

     7. To Avoid on the desk. Avoid the decoration on the desk. Or an animal in the twelve years of the Kings, like rats, snakes, monkeys, horses, chicken, etc., because of what we may become a feature clashes with the year of her birth. Or who to contact if unconsciously good (solution recommended to check the inventory table Coemitr year of birth).

     8. For the right of the table. The position of coordinating the smooth, place the appliance on. A little higher in this section.

     9. Auxiliary power on the back of the table. If there is space for a class or a "Turtle Crystal" place to stimulate energy support. And progress in the work.

     10. Absorbs energy directly in front of the desk. This is a different energy. To flow directly into the table. Give a glass of water and rock chic. What vacated place. To absorb the good energy.

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